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Eyes on Africa

We are a non-profit organization working in countries all across Africa on a mission “to provide eyeglasses at no cost to Africans through distribution in communities with no access to vision care.”

In 2005 we recognized the need and realized the simplicity of the solution, and once we set about finding ways to distribute reading glasses in African countries, we realized how beneficial this calling was.

We got involved in this mission because we realized that clear vision is a gift that can so easily be taken for granted. Did you know that over one billion people in developing countries are affected by presbyopia – the gradual loss of clear, close-up vision typically starting around age 40? In Africa especially, there are no easily accessible or affordable eyeglasses, which creates a serious and life altering problem.

Losing close-up vision impairs reading, but it also impacts the ability to perform important tasks such as sewing, carving, and weaving, all of which a wage earner needs to support their family. Providing eyeglasses improves quality of life on every level.

So how does one organization help? In our years of doing this we’ve realized its not something we can do on our own. Eyes on Africa partners with other organizations such as DIFF Eyewear as well as NGOs, medical clinics, Peace Corps volunteers, mission teams, and church and community leaders to distribute reading glasses in various communities in several African countries. We provide new, high quality reading glasses of various strengths and take or mail them to our partners who provide us with photo documentation of the distribution.


Eyes on Africa is a 501(c)(3), non-religious, non-governmental, non-political, non-profit organization.


Do you want to be a partner? A distributor? A donor? Visit our contact page; we’d love to hear from you!


Check out this short video that shows you a little bit more about our organization through the eyes of DIFF Eyewear, one of our partner organizations.