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We are Eyes on Africa, a non-profit that has been working since 2005 to provide eyeglasses to Africans in several different countries on the continent. We understand that being able to see clearly and the quality of life that it brings is important not only for re-affirming dignity, but also to help individuals provide for families and futures.

But this work isn’t easy! We realized very quickly after starting that we absolutely cannot accomplish our mission on our own, we need help. We get this help by partnering with DIFF Eyewear and individuals (like you!).

Check out this short video that gives a peek into what DIFF is all about and how they are helping Eyes on Africa further our mission “to provide eyeglasses at no cost to Africans through distribution in communities with no access to vision care.”

Want to know more? Feel free to browse our website, or send us an email with any questions you might have!